Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

For our successful completion of the third month after marriage, Bharath bought me a gift of my choice; Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I got the book on August 20, 2005 night. I started reading the book on August 22, 2005 and completed the book on August 27, 2005 early morning. It was just amazing... The way the plot unwinds is great and kept me glued to the book till I finished reading the whole book of 607 pages. Cannot wait for the next book. But I guess its gonna be a long wait before the next book (Part 7) of the Harry Potter series comes out.

Bharath was surprised at my reading speed and commented, "Booka padikkaraya thingaraya?" (Are you reading the book or eating it?). After a long gap, my reading passion has reborn again. I am waiting to lay my hands on the next book, 20000 leagues under the sea.

And achievement of the day (today) is that I have posted two articles on my blog. I was so bored.... This has been a welcome change. Now to get back to work.

What do I write about?

I could not think up of a better title and hence the title of the blog. I was feeling so bored and bogged down due the daily routine so I just decided to take some time off and blog something. But when I started blogging I was not sure of what I should blog and hence the title. It is 3 full months and 10 days after our marriage... I feel that my days so full of work.

Both of us work and during weekdays we hardly find time for any leisure activity or reading. And during weekends, the only time to catch up with friends and the lagging house-hold tasks, we are even more busier than the weekdays. Hope we are able to slow down and find more time for ourselves and our leisure activities soon.

It is Bharath's birthday today and I made Gulab Jamu (his favorite) today. He had a couple of jamuns and left for the office. This being my first attempt at Gulab Jamun alone, I should say I am impressed with my cooking skills. It tasted very good that Bharath, who does not like sweets took a second helping of the jamun. That made my day.

If any of you wish to taste the gulab jamun, you are most welcome to my house. I will be more than happy to serve you with a couple of them. :))

Thursday, August 18, 2005

How about BLOB awards?

Something similar to BOB (Brain of BITS) awards... Want to know more about this? You can visit the BITSians' Blog. And do not forget to post your comments for that blog.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Aamir's blog in MSN Spaces

It has been a long time since I blogged in MSN spaces as I frequent blogger more than I frequent MSN Spaces. Today I just chanced upon Aamir's blog and was thrilled and wanted to blog that. Am yet to see Mangal Pandey - The Rising. I love Aamir's movies a lot coz of his acting... The movies that I enjoyed the most were Lagaan and Dil Chatha Hai... The kind of roles in both these movies were like almost the opposites. But still Aamir delivered it to the best effortlessly.

I know personally he must have put in lots of effort, but on the screen he looked very natural and amazing.

Okay I gotta get back to work now. For people who want to get to Aamir's blog here is the link: http://spaces.msn.com/members/mangalpandey/. To reach my blog in MSN spaces here is the link: http://spaces.msn.com/members/aarthibharath.