Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Proud Mommy Moment !

Children dressed up as us
Children having their Spring break now - Today my 8 yr old daughter and 4 yr old son, were busy with "pretend play". You might be wondering what is so proud about that as it is a very normal occurrence for toddlers to enjoy pretend play. But today, they were pretending to be Me and my Husband.... Or in their view Mommy and Daddy!!!

So here is how it went:

Daughter as Daddy
My daughter pretends to be a Daddy, puts on Daddy's coat, scarf, hat and bag, ready to go out to office. Seeing this my son wants to pretend as well. Now that Daddy's role is taken up, he wants to be Mommy. So he requests his sister to dress him up (which she dutifully does) with my coat, hat and a grocery shopping bag.

Now they have their dialogue.

Daddy: I am all set to leave for office. Bye. See you in the evening.
Mommy: Take care and have a nice day.

Now the scene shifts to a weekend.

Son as Mommy
Mommy: I am leaving to shopping. Will be back soon.
A few seconds later, Mommy is back from shopping.

Mommy: Look how many fruits I have bought.
Daddy: Oh... Let me help you carry the bag. Come in and sit down. Here, have some water and rest. Let me take care of the cooking and children.

Oh... I felt so happy, bursting out with pride!! How many barriers did we (me and my husband) break as parents! We have been successful in breaking the stereotypical image of roles and brought in a sense of equality not just in the responsibilities of people in the house but also about what role they wanted to choose to be. Poor Daddy missed these scenes in Live as it is as usual office day for him!!!