Tuesday, May 08, 2012


It was a pleasant surprise to see that in the busy Vijayanagar Bus Terminus junction one kind lady was helping a very old man to reach his destination. It was also nice to see that she was not alone in this effort. And man on a two wheeler was kind enough to give the old man a lift to his destination. This positive change to help the needy is very heartening to see. Wish I go the name of the man and the lady who did the commendable job.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Satyamev Jayate

The first show is Satyamev Jayate aired today on DD National and Star network simultaneously today. The show is being hosted by Aamir Khan. The topic of discussion for the first episode of the show was a great one.... Female Infanticide. Good effort. I always believe in being self-responsible. I have always been taught by my Mom that one person bringing a positive change goes a long way in changing the society as a whole. Instead of blaming the society or the system, try working the system in your favor staying within your own value systems. If you feel something is not right, then do not do it.

Aamir conclusion of the show sent the same message. If you and I decide to change the system we can. All it needs is to tell to self that you will not do something that is not right. If each individual does this, then the system has no other choice but to change eventually. How strong are you will decide how fast or slow the system changes.

Loved the episode. It is nice to see that there are a lot of talk shows and reality shows that are not afraid to talk facts and make people aware of what really is happening around us. Hoping that all these make a positive step towards making our country a much better place than what it is now.

As Aamir says, I am proud to be an Indian alone is not enough.. What kind of India do you want the world to see? If you really want the world to see a great country, then the problems (how ever small or how ever big they are) have to removed. And this lies in the hands of the country men and women. The government, police and law will keep doing their job, but if people decide and take positive steps, it will greatly help in bringing down crime and create a dream India for the future generations.


Watched Rangoli on DD national after soooooooooooooo many years... Went down the memory lane of how we used to wait for weekends for Rangoli, Wednesdays for Chitrahaar and such programs on DD. Now there are so many channels but very few such captivating programs. Even today watching Rangoli was a pleasure. The way it is conducted, information about each of the songs that is being played is so interesting and captivating to watch. Felt so nice to start the day with Rangoli today.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Insensitivity to other's lives....

This has been a thought in my mind for a long time... Never had the time nor the drive to sit down and translate my thoughts into words. But today was probably a breaking point which had me typing out the article. I was driving my daughter to school and I almost had an accident; thanks to a moron who was keen on talking on the phone devoid of any sense of social responsibility or self responsibility that he was walking in the middle of the road, especially in a turn. When I horned, he just signed asking me to carry on as though it was the norm of life. I was so annoyed.

This is not the first incident I have come across. I have seen men/women/teenagers talk on the phone, when crossing the road, walking, or driving the bike/car. What they fail to realize that in addition to putting their own life at risk they are risking the lives of other people on the road. Even if you are on a headset, talking or listening to music when you are on road will surely distract you from keeping alert on the road, which is very essential. No one seems to be bothered about that.

I am not saying you should not talk on the cell phone when you are on the move. The purpose of mobiles are so that can be reached any time. But if you have a call that is so urgent that you answer immediately, then stop your bike/car or stop walking, stand in one corner of the road, finish talking and then move. That way, your own life is also safe as well as the lives of others on the road. Even if you are not worried about your life, you have no right to put the lives of others at stake by your stupidity. Wish people have some self realization because unless that is there how much ever heavy fine is levied for wrong usage of cell phones, this kind of stupid behavior will never stop. Is there any way by which people will start being more cautious while using cell phones on the road???

This is only part of the issue. I have even seen people who use the cell phones standing right under the sign board that says "Please switch off your phones" like for example in gas stations (Petrol bunks), near ICU or Operation Theater. Again, these are life threatening instances where one person's carelessness or lack of responsibility leads to the death of one or many lives!!! Wish people had brains/common sense.