Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's day

On father's day, I wish to acknowledge and take the opportunity to thank all the men including my own husband, who have gone the extra mile to stand with their wives to support them in every task that is demanded of them in the current fast paced life and are still striving to reach the blissful family life.

With nuclear families being the "in thing" for the current generation and the demands of globalization of moving around the world for career needs and demands, every man is expected to share the work load equally with the woman unlike the previous generation life style where the men went out to earn and take care of the bills while the women handled all the household chores. Now with nuclear families and double income families on the rise, it is a necessity that the man shares equally all the tasks of a woman, be it cleaning the house, doing the laundry, helping with the children with their diapers,cooking food, cleaning vessels or pick up and drop from school and many more. 

It has been a marked change from the stereotypical man (not sure where this stereotype originated from - so please excuse me for using it, though I may not be very comfortable with the entire idea of stereotypes) who thinks it below him to help out his spouse at home with cleaning, laundry, children's homework, their diapers, cooking or any such thing that gets classified under the other stereotype of "Women's Work". There are many men now who work hand in hand with their spouses these days to bring a sense of equality in the family and also to help reduce the physical and emotional burden of their wives by doing so willingly and hence reducing the societal pressure of "forcing a man to do woman's chore". Thanks to all such men out there.

It is a great challenge to juggle multiple roles of a spouse, a friend, a father, a son, and a brother but the men of today do an amazing job of this and keep all the involved really contended. 

I take this opportunity to thank my love with all my heart for being there with me, always supporting me and going the extra mile to even give me complete bliss on few of the Sundays, where I can just kick up my foot and relax while he takes up managing the home completely. Thank you for being there always and making me feel that I am the most luckiest woman in the whole world to have you as my life long companion!!!!

Wishing you a very happy Father's day.