Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The company wide meeting sterday - An eye opener

Well... The meeting may not have been an eye opener in the literal sense... Just that it made me accept the hard facts of reality that I was trying to neglect by convincing myself that it was my imagination working overtime. My friends have always told me that I am a vivid dreamer who keeps imagining stuff that would eventually spoil my own peace of mind. Very close friends who understand me well, keep saying that I am capable to jamming my mind with all sorts of garbage that is unnecessary coz such things that I fear of will never ever happen.

We had a company wide meeting yesterday evening that was addressed by 3 people: my CEO, a VP, and a product manager. All the three gave presentations, which they prepared in exclusion from each other, but somehow the topic that was discussed kind of overlapped. It was more on the fact about company vision, mission, and culture. Of course, it also talked about how faith/belief in what you do/follow and the passion for something that you want are important to bring sense to the work that you do.

Certain things that caught my interest were:
  1. It is not a grave sin to make mistakes. To err is human. No one is gonna punish you for your mistakes.
  2. If you do not fail in something, that means you are not doing anything at all. Only failures teach you to lessons that help you lead a successful life.
  3. It is not wrong to be open and outspoken. (Though my nature is in no way in sync with the point, it just did catch my attention).
  4. Accept your mistakes instead of trying to defend them.
  5. Do not fear failure. Having a detached attachment will make it far easier to cope with failure.
  6. Never give up. When you fave a failure, do not get dejected and give up the urge to fight back. Always learn from that failure and start thinking what next!!!
  7. Career progression is a MAYA. There is nothing called a steady career progression.
  8. Follow your dreams however wild they are. Someday, you will succeed in making your dream a reality.
All this was being replayed in my mind and as soon as I reached home, I wanted to share this with my Mom along with a few doubts that were still lingering in my mind. All the above can be implemented easily to any materialistic work that we take up. But when it comes to handling close relations and sorting out problem with your first circle of family members, your expectations mar your logical reasoning. Then repeated failure makes you give up at some point and you start becoming indifferent towards that person or relationship. This indifference is not a healthy sign when it starts showing up within a family.

My mom did agree with me, but unfortunately both of us did not know what would the course of action to resolve if such a situation does crop up.

Though these doubts are still there in my mind, the reality from which I was turning away hit me hard on the face and my attitude towards a lot of things changed. Today morning, I felt very different and nice when I started my day.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Marriage Preparations

I will be bonded in a wedlock in May. Preparations for the wedding are in full swing. Purchases are almost nearing an end. My friends and relatives do not seem to be stopping from gifting me something or the other. My brother gifted me a pair of gold earing, my Mom's friend has offered to gift me a jewellery set while my uncle offered to furnish our house!!!!

This being one part, we need to finalize on the relatives list, which seems to be a never ending job. Infact it is also very confusing and strenuous. Hope that gets done soon so that we can start off with the invitation distribution. March is almost come to an end and there is exactly 1 and half months for the wedding.

But in a way, it is a wonderful experience... to be a major point in the planning, organizing, and execution of various wedding related activities. I am not sure how many brides and bridegrooms will be involved in their own wedding preparations. But for me it is a very enlightening experience. Now I realize how true the saying in tamil is:

"Veeta katti paar, kalyaanatha panni paar"

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince - Sixth book

Hey all u Harry Potter fans out there... the Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince covers have been released by publishers. There are going to be three different covers: one for the American Edition, and one for the Children's British Edition, and one for British Adult Edition. For more information view Wizard News.