Friday, November 25, 2005

Our "Thalai" Deepavali & Aquarium Special !!

We both had a great “Thalai” Deepavali. Celebrated with fun and sparklers !!

The Chennai rains did not dampen our spirits.... The night before, we all had a get-together dinner at Aarthi's home terrace. Later, we had an interesting Pictionary game (trying to depict words like pegasus in a drawing!!), which went on till midnight. It did not end there.... We saw two movies - Sound of the Thuder and Manichitrathazh (Malayalam source of 'Chandramukhi'). Simultaneously, we were playing cards (Rammi !?!) !!

After the Ganga Snanam, we set the road rocking with a 5000-wala (@ 5:30 AM !!). With lots of sweets, lights and relatives around.... it was a memorable day.

We both had gone to my hometown during the next weekend - phase 2 of our Deepavali celebrations. We had gone to Vijay starrer "Sivakaasi" - the great masala mix of the season. My parents are planning to visit us in Chennai during mid Dec.

Seeing quite a lot of movies - ranging from Sci-Fi / Action genre (The Myth, The Island, The Cave, Harry Porter 4, i-Robot etc.) to cartoons - courtesy R'thi (Mulan, Prince of Egypt, Ice Age etc.).

We have recently setup a cute aquarium, which I am passionate about. Have got a lot of Cichlids varieties - including Severum, Blue/Rose/White Morphs, Rainbow/White/Tiger Sharks, Avaratus etc. !! Will try and post more articles on this soon.

Monday, November 21, 2005

I saw it, I enjoyed it, and I loved it.

Hey you all know what... Am so excited and thrilled and happy..... Ever in my life did am I go to a movie on the second day of its release.... Yes........ I saw Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire on Sunday (Nov. 20, 2005). Bharath also liked the movie for a change.... Coz.. the 4th part has dragons in it. But overall, the fourth part was more like what the book was.... Infact most of it was as I had imagined while reading the book.

The best part of all this was that yesterday we completed six successful and happy months of married life!!!!!!

Waiting for the release of the next book very eagerly.