Monday, February 21, 2005

Fired for blogging

This seems to be the recent hot topic of discussion everywhere. XYZ fired for blogging. ABC fired for blogging. Why are people being fired for blogging? What is wrong. Blog is a personal web space of a person to put out their opinion about anything in their own sweet terms.

My definition of a blog is an e-version of one's personal diary. It is also used a place to broadcast your personal opinion on any topic of your interest to the whole wide world. So why is it that firms fire their employees for blogging? Is there any unwritten rule that you are supposed to reveal any company information (as simple as the work culture and atmosphere) in the blogspace?

I can understand when the case involves revealing crucial financial information or HR policies on employee performance appraisal system or such kinds... But when you are trying to talk about your perception of the work culture of the firm in which you work, why is even that held against the employee raising the thought?

Just a few questions in my mind. Am not sure if I will be able to answer them myself... But I wanted to put them down some where so that I can concentrate on other things instead of moving in circles and coming back to these same questions all over again.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Inactivity in blogging

I did create the blog space with the intension of blogging about things that interest me and the about the interesting events in my life. Being at the most eventful phase of my life, I have been silent for quite a long time.

I just got engaged xactly 2 months back on the same date (December 09, 2004) to Bharath. This is not a traditional arranged marriage where parents look out for a match. He was my choice and I his. So as in the case of most love marriages, we also had to walk through fire to reach to this point. But even now, things are not back to normal.

With the marriage date getting closer, my tensions are on the rise. The worry about the merging of two different cultures and families is eating my head. Initially I thought I wud blog about our courtship period, the pre-engagement period (the problems), engagement, and post engagement life. But the fear of the unknown has taken up most of my thinking space, that I am just unable to get do anything else.

But I guess it is the same with anyone who is about to get married, coz most of the people whom I meet and share my fears tell me that it is very common and that it will all vanish once the marriage is over. I hope that what they say is true. Then maybe, I shall get back to blogging actively and share my memorable and embrassing moments with Bharath to all of you interested in knowing about us.