Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My Marriage @ Virudhunagar - Part 1 (Nitchayadhartham)

Finally I have decided to pen down the trip to and fro from Virudhunagar and about my marriage there before it is too late and the memories fade away from my grey matter. Our marriage was a mixture of both the customs.

I was off work from May 16, 2005 and was helping my Mom pack for the journey. 39 of us were travelling to Virudhunagar by the Nellai Exp. My Dad and my uncle left for Virudhunagar on May 18, 2005 by Guruvaayur Exp. (A day train) and reached there in the evening.

My family minus my Dad including my uncle and cousins, my perippa's family, and Chittappa's family travelled by a van to Egmore while the remaning group decided to arrive directly at the station. We all met at Egmore and had occupied our seats in the train. The next day morning on reaching Virudhunagar junction, my sis-in-law, her husband, and my FIL along with my Dad and uncle had landed up in the station. From there we went to our hall and took rest till the evening when all the work for the engagement (Nitchayadhartham) started.

The groom's family with the groom came in only at 8:00 p.m. Except for me everyone else had some snacks in the evening. I was already feeling hungry. Once they came, the function got over in 1 hour after which there were some snap sessions and then they went to their hall and we had our dinner.

As soon as they came in, my SIL and couple of her cousins came to my room with a saaree. I changed to that and they brought me to the stage. In the meantime, as per our custom, they read out the lagna pathrikai and gave the groom's dress to him. My MIL gifted me a pair of gold bangles and a chain. My SIL took me to the kitchen in the marriage hall for performing some ritual according to their custom which signifies that I am taking her role in their house.

Bharath was then called on stage and my brothers garlanded him, presented him the gold chain, wrist watch and applied a kumkum and chandan tika on his forehead. This was the end of the function after which all his relatives blessed us by applying the kumkum on our forehead.

We both were called aside for some photos. Then they left for the day and I went and had dinner.

The next day (marriage) was the fun part. I will continue this in my next post. Am yet to get the CD of my marriage photos. Once I get that, I will upload the photos for viewing.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Its one month since our marriage

We just completed one month of married life sterday. It was a great feeling. After 7 long years of struggle and wait to get married, we finally got married on the 20th of last month. I know that I still have not uploaded the photos online for all of you to view. But I will do it soon.

Sterday morning, we both wished each other for completing one full month as married couple. We just realized that there was no change in the way we behaved just because we got married. We still talk like we are friends and we lead a life that is filled with so much of love for each other. I wish that it remains the same way as long as we live. As a celebration of the day, I did not cook anything at home sterday and we had our food outside.

Just felt like sharing with the world about the important day of my life before I could post on the wedding and our honeymoon trip.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A tragedy @ my office.

I just joined office after my marriage last Monday (June 06, 2005). I have been wanting to publish a post on my marriage, reception, and honeymoon, but due to the pending work load, I was unable to find time to do that. Yesterday when I started from home, I decided that whatever happens, I would surely write about my marriage proceedings. But as soon as I entered office, @ the reception, instead of our usual thought for the day board, there was a white board kept with the message that one of our senior collegues had passed away. The most tragic part of the whole incident was that he just got married on June 10, 2005 (Friday). His was a love marriage which culminated to the marriage after almost 5 yrs of struggle. And the couple were happy only for a day.

He drove to his family temple somewhere south of Chennai. He and his wife were returning back to Chennai on Sunday by his car, when the unfortunate incident happened. His car hit the median dividing the road and he was thrown out of the car and hit a bus on the opposite side of the road. The impact was so hard that he died on the spot. His wife survived the accident. He was cremated yesterday.

This incident shook me very badly that I was unable to do anything at all sterday. I still haven't been able to come out of the shock yet. I just can't imagine the plight of the girl who just lost her husband (and lover) just 2 days after wedding. I pray to God that she finds enough courage to go on with life after this and also wish that she would find some happiness in the future.

I am unable to proceed beyond this due to the tears that threaten to flow out of my eyes.