Friday, September 01, 2006

Trip to God's Own Country - Kumarakom

We have been off the Net for quite sometime. Bharath is usually busy with his office work. Once in a while when he finds some time off his work, he blogs. After resigning my job and becoming a full-time home maker, I have been quite busy with my hands full with responsibilities. I believe that it is quite challenging to be a full-time home maker, than being a career-oriented woman. But being busy has been a great fun.

In these three months, there have been lots of interesting things that have happened. One of the most wonderful event was our trip to Kumarakom in Kerela. Such a wonderful place.... So close to nature.

We both wanted to break off from our hectic schedule. So as soon as I resigned, we planned a trip to this place. The entire credit for selecting the place goes to Bharath. We had a wonderful three days away from the hustle-bustle of the city, traffic, and work. We stayed in KTDC WaterScapes resort. It is on the bank of the Vembanad lake (the largest backwater lake). The added attraction of this resort is that, it is surrounded with lush greenery and also has an natural bird sanctuary, with many exotic species of birds...

The entire village of Kumarakom is a group of 27 islets surrounded by canals branching from the Vembanad lake. Most of the people here earn their living either with fishing or from farming. The main crop grown here is paddy.

The paddy fields are below the sea level and are safeguarded from the backwaters by just the clay walls separating it from the canals. The main mode of transport within the village is by canoes.

From here we visited an island named 'Pathirimanal'. The specialty of this island is that it is totally uninhabited. There were 8 families which were living on this island but they were evacuated and moved to the main island of Kumarakom. The tropical rain forest vegetation can be seen in its natural sense without any human intervention. The stay was sheer bliss and revived our spirits.

We had gone there during off season and hence were lucky to see the tropical climate (sudden showers) in action. It was an amazing experience. In just about a minute's time the weather changed from sunny to heavy downpour accompanied by a gale. I am not sure if my words have justified the beauty of the place...

WaterScapes @ Kumarakom comes with our highest recommendation to any nature lover, visiting this @ God's own country....


  1. Hi, I was just nosing around looking into who has visited my blog - and there you are! Wise decission - taking time off for the family. I once had a friend named Aarthi who studied with me in boarding school in Salem - Very long time ago!!!

    Anyways was nice meeting you Aarthi. Loved the pics - they are beautiful credit goes to the photographer and of course God's hands :-) which created them.

    I see you've put my blog in blogs you often visit - Thank you :-) The next time though, I would love to hear from you - do comment, let me know your point of view too.

  2. Ah, I am considering taking a vacation with family in Kumaraokm for 2 or 3 days. What kind of a resort is Waterscapes? How did you make you reservations?


  3. @ Loveena, Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. As you have noticed, I usually read lots of blogs but comment very less. Could be more due to my nature to listen.

    @ Pooja, Waterscapes is a 4 star resort run by the Kerela Tourism Development itself. Some of the pictures of the resort are there in the blog post itself. The reservations were done by my husband through his travel desk at his firm. Probably this link may help you:

    Hope you have a nice time.

  4. Ran away, too expensive for me, but got some birds, darter, cormorants bee eater, king fisher and many that i can't identify. posted a few, rest in cold storage. Just forgot. Your post reminds me to post a few pictures.
    Incidentally took pictures for 'god's own country's initial campaign abt 15 years ago. Then stopped, can't deal with govt.

  5. Followyourdreams11/03/2006 11:19 am

    wonderful place wonderfully described aaarthi.

    Jus kindled my desires for deep woods.

  6. @followyourdreams: Thanks and I hope u were able to satisfy your desires for deep woods!!!!

  7. Kerala is a must-visit destination, blessed with beautiful beaches, backwaters, green mountains.I have been in Kerala for one week. I stayed with my family at Kumarakom Lake Resort. Loved the ambiance there. I have traveled across Kerala and found this to be one of the most charming Kerala Hotels. Interesting designs and good seafood cuisine.And I just spent one day and night in Kerala Houseboat. Really, Wonderful experience, in God's Own Counrty.

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  9. Hi..Nice post. It was great to read about Kumarakom city. Be it healing or learning, leisure or adventure, inner peace or thrilling times, Kerala tourism circuit gives you a thousand reasons to travel.

  10. Thank you @Ammushan and @anjali gupta for your appreciative responses.